Does evil thought invalidate prayer

08 Jul 2019 Ref-No#: 2082

For about 6 years I’ve been dealing with waswas but initially I didn’t know you could just ignore it. Now it has gotten out of hand, especially during my salat.

Even though I don’t mean the bad stuff I keep thinking it, and I feel like I can’t help it even though it’s me. I try to ignore it, but it keeps happening and I don’t how to stop myself. Sometimes I’m reading the same namaz multiple times until I can get through it. Out of salah it’s much easier to control, but I just don’t understand why I do this.

My question is that, can I just carry on with my salat even though it feels like it’s me saying the stuff and eventually I can get through the namaz?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

The devil utilises most of his energy to try and delude a person when that person is in prayer. He plans to make you despondant and then give up the prayer all together. You should just ignore his whispering and continue with the prayer.

Evil thoughts do not invalidate a prayer. There is no need for you to break the prayer and start again, nor do you have to repeat the prayer. The Salah will be valid inspite of the evil thoughts. You should try to keep focus and concentration to the best of your ability.