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  • Ref-No#: 1161


    I tried to figure out if the alcohol was derived from dates or grapes or not and was not really given a straightforward answer: “There are currently no products on our menu that contain alcohol as an ingredient. However, some items contain ingredi...

    28 Nov 2018 Ref-No#: 1200
  • Conflicting core fundamental views between husband and wife affecting the marriage

    Assalamu alaykum wrb
    I know it’s not permissible to eat meat that is not halal even if living in the west with understanding Quran 5:4 in light of Quran 6:121…problem is my Husband continues to buy the nonhalal meat from the supermarkets because he believes it’s permissible to eat...

    26 Nov 2018 Ref-No#: 1195
  • Consulting work to Banks/Financial Institutions

    Dear Mufti sab – I am a freelance consultant in the field of finance and related services, the nature of my work is such that I am registered with few recruitment agencies, from time to time these agencies send me to various clients to do certain work, the duration of the work is normally 3...

    29 Sep 2018 Ref-No#: 1019